We take pride in the service that we provide to our UK customers and will go out of our way to ensure that your experience of using the Liber-t tag is as smooth as possible. Here's what some of our customers have had to say about using the Liber-t télépéage service through Sanef Tolling UK.

If you would like to share your experiences of using the Liber-t system, either positive or negative, we would love to hear from you. Please email your comments to support@saneftolling.co.uk.

Evo Tried and Tested: Evo Road test Sanef Tolling Liber-t Service

Evo Magazine March 2012

Evo Magazine is a long established UK based automotive publication, specialising in everything from super cars to sports cars. No stranger to driving abroad, Evo Magazine make regular trips to motorsport meetings and events held all across France. Attending events such as 24 Hours of Le Mans often requires frequent journeys on the autoroute and trying to pay a toll charge in a low down, right hand sports car certainly proves a challenge. Deciding to try our tags, Evo have reviewed the telepeage tag in there popular Tried and Tested section.

Here is an excerpt from the review –

“If you’re planning a couple of long trips then it’s worth setting up the grey box (Telepeage tag) with your direct debit details and sailing through the big empty lane with the large ‘t’ above it.”

Evo Magazine March 2012

Life in the Fast Lane: Top Gear use Liber-t Tags in Supercar Convoy

Top Gear Magazine September 2011

Top Gear magazine recently took a convoy of supercars from Calais to Strasboug over the Sanef autoroute network. As if they needed to go any faster, they also used Liber-t tags from Sanef Tolling UK to avoid stopping at the toll plazas.

We used a Liber-t tag from Sanef Tolling to get a convoy of supercars through France for a BBC TopGear Magazine photo shoot, and it worked absolutely perfectly. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough – not only does it save you time at the tolls, but it also means you’re not constantly scrabbling for loose change. A great device. Thanks again.

Piers Ward
Senior Road Test Editor, TopGear Magazine

Life in the Fast Lane

Driving in France was a pleasure and a joy, just like the old days in the UK, made all the better with the T tag. It worked a dream, except on one occasion!! My fault entirely – as we neared the barrier, which was still up from the previous car, I heard the tell tale bleep and started to accelerate forward, only for the barrier to plonk itself down on my bonnet – gently I may add, as I braked hard. Confused we flashed the tag again and hey presto, the barrier rose and we were on our way. What I thought was the bleep was in fact a text message arriving on my phone which was located in the central well. Lesson learnt!!  After a superb overnight ferry crossing, we then had to contend with the nightmare of British Motorways, packed and slow, or like a F1 race track.  The moral - you get what you pay for - with a little bleep!!
Mr P Harrison, Isle of Man

My wife and I are Sanef account holders of a couple of years standing - we drive to and from Switzerland half a dozen times a year. I can't praise the system too highly. Apart from the time saving, significant when there are toll plaza queues such as those at Reims on a summer weekend, it's incredibly convenient not to have to fret about money, credit cards, slots, tickets and manoeuvring a RHD car to the precise spot alongside the machine. Plus it always makes us giggle as the beep sounds and the barrier lifts - we always expect it to fail and it never does! Best of all, it's a godsend when I make the journey alone. My car is a big 4x4, too big to reach across from the RH driving position - driving without the tag means stopping, putting on brake, climbing down, walking around the car, using credit card, walking back around, climbing back in, setting off - and trying to nod apologies to the growing queue behind. All stress disappears with the tag. I often recommend to others: once experienced, I don't believe anyone would go back.
Mr I McBride, London

Just returned to UK having toured with motorhome into Italy, and the journey through France was made so much easier by using the Liber-t télépéage service from Calais to Mont Blanc tunnel. Spoke to numerous people on our trip who were intrigued to learn about this service to UK drivers, and were keen to learn more. Certainly makes driving on the toll roads so much easier. No more hanging out of windows and doors trying to position the motorhome as we approach the barriers. The tag gave a bleep and up sprang the barrier just as we crawled towards it. Nothing simpler.
Mr R Marshall, Eastbourne

Excellent service - ordered on the Sunday afternoon and arrived in the post on Tuesday. It was easy to navigate the website and validate the tag, a pity all websites are not as user friendly. Using the tag was a real joy - yes it does make you feel a tad smug when you avoid a queue but the real benefit is not having to lean out and with the ticket and the credit card, particularly when I'm not as good as I should be at judging the nearside distance to those intimidating concrete walls !! Can't recommend the tag enough.
Mr & Mrs Harding, Kent

The French motorways have always been a dream come true for British drivers, very quiet, smooth with superb services or rest stops every 10 ks or so. But until now a nightmare for my wife, as severely sight impaired, enough to be registered blind, the toll and ticket boothes are hell for her. Not any more, we rolled up, beeped, foot down leaving the queues behind, how cool is that, especially when other Brits in the toll queues wave and try to let us know we are in the wrong lane! We are so impressed that I have done a feature for our companies Disability & Carers Network magazine to say how great the service is, there are many people at my company who have touring holidays and we want them to know about this! Sanef, thank you.
Mr & Mrs S Coppard, Lancing

I was unable to complete my application online, so sent an email to the support team. I received a reply from a fellow human being - Jon - in 9 minutes, and he had completed my application within a further 35 minutes! I was a little slow in answering his questions, which accounts for most of the delay. My tag arrived this morning and is now activated, so everything was completed in less than 24 hours. Quite extraordinary service.
Mr K West, Canterbury

We were most impressed by the tag and the benefit it gave. We have just used autoroutes on a 750 mile each way trip to Switzerland and it worked extremely well and certainly cut down on all the toll hassle. We are very surprised that more people don’t use the tags – I am certainly promoting their use within my family!
Anonymous, Hampshire

We used our Tag for the first time this August on our Holidays, just thought we would drop you a line just to say how pleased we were with your system, it was really very good. We could not believe how fast the system is, just wish we had this in the past, well done.
Mr S Williams, Canterbury

Thanks for offering this great service to UK motorists. It totally transforms the experience of driving on autoroutes. In fact it is as if the gare du peages have 'disappeared'. I agree with other users that the entertainment factor as you cruise past queues through the empty 'T' lane is worth the price alone. It also saves your relationship with your passenger who can sleep from Calais to St Tropez without being disturbed!
Mr I White, London

To all the Sanef Tolling Support Team. I would like to complement the fantastic service. The tag arrived in today's post and I have activated the number on the website. You have been a great help which is very much appreciated and I am looking forward to comfortable travelling on the Autoroutes.
Mr N Jolly, Isle of Man

Now returned from 2 + weeks motoring in Europe, but mainly France. The ‘tag’ totally transforms the experience of auto-route driving. Absolutely fantastic. Some very strange looks from both Brits and the French on seeing an English vehicle entering the ‘wrong’ toll station only to be allowed through!!!? Brilliant if rather smug entertainment. If not so already, I believe the up-take will be tremendous. Thanks for your help in supplying a superb service.
Mr N Crow, Shrewsbury

We have just returned from France and I can't praise the Liber t-tag enough. It made our journey through France so much easier, my wife no longer has to hang out of the passenger window to try and reach the ticket machine or to reach up to the pay booth juggling handsful of Euros. There is also that "one upmanship" of cruising past the queues and passing through the special barrier while everyone else has to wait. I have already started to spread the word to all my friends/colleagues/neighbours and anyone else who may go over to France! Many thanks for this service!
Mr G Clarke, Norfolk

Many thanks for your most excellent service to date.
Mr T Gooding, East Sussex

Just a quick note of appreciation for the excellent service that we received, the tag arrived within a day or two of our application, and the tag worked like a dream in France - perfect ! No queues or trying to find the right money when on the wrong side of the car. I have subsequently recommended you to a number of friends, family and colleagues who will be driving in France this summer. Thank you.
Mr A Adkins, Kent

Thanks for the great service.
Mr D Champion, Gloucestershire

Thank you – another example of the excellent service Sanef Tolling have provided so far. I am very impressed.
Mr S O'Connor, London

We have just returned from two weeks holiday in France and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with NoQ 4GB. The Liber t-tag was first class and really made the auto-route experience a pleasure. My wife no longer had to hang out of the window juggling coins. I also got some colourful hand signals from French cars when I drove up to the 'their' toll booth only to get through! Great service and many thanks.
Mr N Baker, Dorking

We have just returned from 6 weeks towing a caravan in France (from Calais right down to Cannes) and the Liber t-tag was absolutely fantastic. Perhaps the best moment was at the Frejus peage where all the booths had queues but we sailed through the new 30 kph 'non stop' tag channel much to the annoyance of some very expensive Monaco-plated cars! We can't praise the system or support highly enough. The little beep as the barrier rises became our favourite sound!
Dr T Taylor, Cardiff

I wanted to congratulate you all on the simplified, efficient and smaller tag now on offer - so much better!! Great having all the instructions in English too thank you.  So happy with your service I send you 'a pat on the back'!
Mrs Heather Smith, London

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